The Colorado Plateau

First and Foremost;    This is a scenic calendar of the region in and around The Colorado Plateau.   The majority of the images will be taken in the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.   The Colorado Plateau has more diverse landscapes than in any other region of the United States.   Not only do we consider all of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah valid in any definition of this region but also eastern Nevada, southern Idaho and western Wyoming.

Second;   The calendar is a travel guide.   Travelers who wish to explore this region will benefit from a series of  three captions  below each monthly image that provide a wide range of site specific information.  .

The first caption briefly describes the primary focal point in the image -  for example “Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River,” “Bow Tie Arch”, or “The Grand Canyon”.   Most calendars do not go beyond this description other than to provide the photographer's or photographic agency's name.

The second caption describes the direction of view, additional information on the location, the state, and the land ownership or land stewardship agency.  If you are interested in maps, orienteering or photography you should want to know in what direction the image is taken.   If you are planning to visit you need to know what agency is in charge of overseeing the area.   Knowing who has stewardship responsibilities will determine the type of access available to you.

The third caption geotags the image providing the latitude, longitude, and elevation above sea level from the position of the camera.   The third caption also provides a brief description of the road conditions and vehicle that in our opinion is required to access the site.   If a hike is required the one-way distance is described and the difficulty rated.

Third;   The calendar provides the establishment dates of all National Parks and Monuments west of the 100th meridian.   The 100th meridian is considered the official demarcation between the eastern and western United States.   The establishment dates are included because the National Park System and the BLM are charged with preserving and making available to the public some of the most impressive landscapes in the world.   These landscapes are maintained in the form of parks and monuments and we certainly appreciate our governments protection and stewardship.   If you think the rest of the world does not appreciate these places you would be seriously mistaken.   Any visit to the National Parks on the Colorado Plateau will demonstrate that travelers from every country in the world routinely visit these very rare landscapes.   Please support the The National Parks, Monuments, Forests, and all public lands.

The following abbreviations are used in the calendar:

N.P.     National Park
N.M.     National Monument
N.H.P.     National Historic Park
N.H.S.     National Historic Site
N.Pres.     National Preserve
N.Rs.     National Reserve
N.S.     National Seashore
N.Volcanic.M.     National Volcanic Monument
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