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Colarado  Plateau  Videos

68 Dixie's PCT through hike in HD.

1hr:54min, An Outstanding video by "Dixie" of her complete through-hike of the PCT. If you have the time to watch it is 2 hours well worth it. I suspect this is the best video of a PCT through-hike out there.

67 Aerial Southwest in HD.

6:23, An Excellant video taken with a hover craft in various locations on the Colorado Plateau.

66 Wild Utah from Above in HD.

5:28, A very good little video taken with a hover craft in the Moab, Utah area.

65 The Narrows of Zion National Park in HD.

2:41, Excellant short video of a hiker in The Narrows.

64 Winter on the Colorado Plateau in HD.

2:33, A very fine but brief time lapse video of winter on The Colorado Plateau. (Jump to Vimeo to see in HD)

63 Joshua Trees in HD.

3:29, A very sweet timelapse of clouds and Joshua Trees.

62 Grand Canyon, Utah in winter - HD.

5:18, A very well done video taken in winter on the North and South Rims of The Grand Canyon and various Utah locations.

61 Bryce Canyon in HD.

4:54, An excellant video in HD by one of the best)(720p)

60 Landscape Volume Three in HD.

3:48, Time lapse video primarily shot on the Colorado Plateau.

59 MIRROR RIVER - 2012 Colorado River Trip in HD.

3:32, Quick version of the full length trip starting at the headwaters of the Green River.

58 REMAINS of a RIVER - 2012 Colorado River Trip in HD.

47:01, Full length version of a trip starting at the headwaters of the Green River. (Highly Recommended)

57 Big Spring East Fork Canyon - Robbers Roost.

10:02, Good video of down climb thru this narrow slot canyon.

56 Grand Circle Tour in HD.

3:34, Very good video with some time lapse shot mostly on the Colorado Plateau.   Jump to Vimeo to see in HD.

55 Journey through Canyons in HD.

4:11, Excellant video taken in Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon on the Colorado Plateau.

54 Monument Valley in HD.

1:34, Short sweet little video of Monument Valley Tribal Park.

53 Grand Canyon National Park in HD.

1:54, Short video of the Grand Canyon north and south rim with some flight sequences.   Jump to Vimeo to see in HD.

52 Colorado Plateau Tour in HD.

4:10, Very good video of mostly Colorado Plateau locations.

51 Goblin Valley with Scale Figures in HD.

2:26, Commerical video shot mostly in Goblin Valley State Park and Capitol Reef National park, UT.

50 Yosemite National Park time lapse in HD

3:57, Great Time lapse video of mighty Yosemite.

49 Yosemite Range of Light in HD.

4:44, Dramatic video of Yosemite National Park.

48 Finding Oregon in HD.

4:09, Excellant short video of landscapes produced to promote Oregan.

47 Landscape Volume One in HD.

3:49, Time lapse video primarily shot on the Colorado Plateau.

46 Landscape Volume Two in HD.

3:30, Time lapse video primarily shot on the Colorado Plateau.

45 Fantasy Canyon in HD.

2:08, Sweet little video of this unique geology on the Colorado Plateau.   Jump to Vimeo to see in HD.

44 Time-lapse of Western Landscapes in HD.

13:04, Extremely well done Time-lapse video of Western Landscapes - outstanding clouds sequence 2/3 into video.

43 Descening the cables on Half Dome at Yosemite.

Good high definition video of the decent on the cables at half dome.

42 Southwestern Time-lapse.

2:49, Good Time-lapse video of various Utah locations.   Jump to Vimeo to see in HD. 

41 Corona & Bow Tie Arches in HD.

3:07, Nice video of the area around Corona and Bow Tie Arches near Moab, UT. (720p)

40 Scenic Highway 12 in Utah & Lower Calf Creek Falls

6:56, Video along scenic Highway 12 in Utah ending in great footage of Lower Calf Creek Falls. (720p)

39 Lower Antelpe Canyon in HD.

7:00, High Definition video of Lower (not Upper) Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ.

38 Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada in HD.

4:09, Professional video of Valley of Fire S.P. near Las Vegas, Nevada. (1080p)

37 Dinosaur National Monument in HD.

4:54, Very good video in high def. (720p)

36 Coyote Buttes South in HD.

4:53, Really well done video on Coyote Buttes South in 720p.

35 South Rim of The Grand Canyon in HD.

9:26, Great video of the South Rim plus the drive to Page, AZ & House Rock Valley Rd in 720p.

34 Natural Bridges National Monument in HD.

5:31, Nicely vidographed High Def video of Natural Bridges National Monument. (720p)

33 Cable Route on Half Dome.

9:37, As an aside - Trek up the Cable Route on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park in 720p

32 Stairway to Heaven (Hawaii)

5:34, As an aside - High Def 720p of a climb up the Haiku Stairs on the Hawaiian island of Oahu.

31 Capital Reef in HD.

3:53, High Def 720p of Capital Reef.  (Very good light in some frames.)

30 Arches National Park in HD .

11:10 Professional exploration and overview of Arches National Park. (1080p)

29 Cedar Breaks in HD.

2:29, 1:08 - Two videos of Cedar Breaks National Monument near Cedar City, UT. (720p)

28 Grand Canyon.

3:36 - Very good brief overview of The Grand Canyon National Park in a video slide show.

27 Angels Landing in HD.

9:43 - A professionally filmed hike to Angel's Landing in Zion National Park, UT. (720p)

26 Goblin Valley.

4:06- Solid video of Goblin Valley State Park near Hanksville, UT. (1080p)

25 Monument Valley in HD.

5:44 - Very good video slide show of Monument Valley including Agathla Peak. (720p)

24 Southern Utah Vacation in HD.

4:03, 5:53, 9:42, 10.02 - Very well done four part video log of an awesome trip through southern Utah! (1080p)

23 Yellow Rock in HD (Utah).

4:38 - Impressive video slide show of this unique area. (720p)

22 Sedona (Arizona).

4:25 - Very good images assembled into a video.

21 The Wave - Coyote Buttes Wilderness Area in HD.

T6:25 - Good video slide show of images from a hike to The Wave. (720p)

20 Shiprock (New Mexico).

8:22 - Great arial from a drone flown over and around Shiprock. (1080p).

19 Bisti Badlands (New Mexico).

6:16 - An excellant video by one of the best. (780p)

18 Little Wild Horse Canyon (Utah).

7:26 - Video of hike through this slot canyon in the San Rafael Swell. (720p)

17 Petrified Forest National Park.

4:35 - NPS Video review by biologist of Petrified Forest National Park. (1080p).

16 Mount Houshan - (China).

4:50 - As an aside - Another good video of an extremely exposed trek. (Warning:  adult language)

15 El Camino del Ray 2010 in HD - (Spain).

9:27 - As an aside - High Def 720p  extended video of a highly dangerous and very exposed little trek.

14 Hidden Canyon - Zion National Park in HD.

5:07 - Video showing the very interesting exposed section of the hike to Hidden Canyon. (1080p)

13 Angels Landing - Zion National Park.

4:18 - Very good video in high definition of a climb to Angel's Landing.

12 The Subway - Zion National Park in HD.

10:07 - Great video of a traverse from Russel Gulch thru the Subway & out the Left Fork of North Creek. (720p)

11 The Narrows - Zion National Park in HD.

10:14 - Great video of the 16 mile Virgin River Narrows hike. (720p)

10 Mesa Verde National Park.

4:29 - Well presented video of images from the park. (480p)

9 Betakin Ruins Overlook, Navajo National Monument.

4:47 - Very good slide show of the hike to Betakin Ruins. (480p)

8 Yant Flat, Utah.

5:56 - Professional video of this unique landscape. (1080p)

7 Havasu Falls - Grand Canyon.

7:15 - Video of trip to Havasu Falls. (1080p)

6 Canyonlands - Mesa Arch Sunrise in HD.

1:21 - Quick video of Mesa Arch at Sunrise. (1080p)

5 Canyonlands - Island in the Sky & Needles Distict.

12:15 - Professional video of several locations in the Island in the Sky District and Chesler Park in the Needles District. (1080p).

4 Canyonlands - Maze District.

4:44 - Video of the drive down the Flint Trail and a backcountry backpack. (1080p).

3 Grand Canyon - South Kaibab down -Bright Angel up.

18:16 - Video of South Kaibab to Phantom Ranch and return via Bright Angel. (1080p)

2 Bryce Canyon Nationl Park in HD.

10:22 - Professional video highlighting the park overall. (1080p).

1 Drive from Salt Lake City to Arches N.P.

5:17 - Slick little video with some great shots of Arches at the end.