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The Colorado Plateau

The first goal:   To publish thumbnails of all the current and past calendar photographs and a brochure of the upcoming year has been accomplished.   We now have photo galleries of all past calendar images and a brochure  of the 2005 calendar.  We also have a photo gallery titled Almost made the Calendar Gallery".  The images in this gallery were considered for either past or the current calendar.

The second goal:   To provide a verbal description of the Colorado Plateau and a good map of the region has been partially accomplished.   We have published a map - in fact two maps.  The first map is of the four states; Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, that comprise The Colorado Plateau.  This is a great relief map and includes an outline of the generally accepted boundary.  The second map is of Federal lands in the Colorado Plateau region. This regional map, originally produced in 1987, is somewhat outdated, however, even though much has changed, much remains the same.    Both maps can be enlarged for detail.  We have not added linked images to either map but intend to in the future.   We have also started to put together a good verbal description of the Colorado Plateau. 

The third goal:   To provide a section of trip reports from the journal that I keep has been started.   Instead of actual trip reports we have outlines of each of the trips starting in October of 1992.  A few very thorough trip reports are linked in the outlines;  the Utah March 1998 trip, the 1999 McHenry's Peak climb, and the 2000 August Capitol Peak climb have good long reports.   We have found that the trip reports section has taken a lot of time and could become huge because we can generate a long report for every outline.  At this time there are 85 outlines of day trips, weekend trips, extended weekend trips, one week and two week trips.  Since this page is used in my own planning I have started to detail  routing in the "General Location" section of the outlines.

The fourth goal:   To provide a section of Photo Galleries of our digital, 35mm and medium format images has progressed well and at this date we have over 850 images in 29 separate photo galleries.  We find thumbnail images annoying and have avoided the thumbnail format.  The intent of the photo galleries is to present each image as large as is practicably possible. We are continuously experimenting with the photo gallery format.  The photo galleries are not strictly on the subject of the Colorado Plateau because we are "on the road" much of the time.  We have found that along the way there are many very unique and interesting photo subjects.  The trip report page also has linked images that are independent of the photo galleries.  The immediate goal is to have over 1000 images on the site as soon as possible.  We also now have the ability to scan medium format images and am posting medium format material. 

The fifth and final goal:  To post Links to internet sites that we consider excellent and relate to any level of exploration of The Colorado Plateau region.    We have 60 plus links and am planning to add many more that relate to wilderness and trails in the region.

October 10, 2004