Book Cliffs in Winter.

near Cisco, Utah

Book Cliffs in Winter

View to the Book Cliffs looking northeast over snow covered grass in Buck Canyon Wash. This image was taken from near the Book Cliffs access road at the I-70 Cisco, UT exit. The area is indicated on maps as "The Grassies".


Book Cliffs in Winter

Ranch gate in the Book Cliffs at the end of the access road to Cottonwood Canyon.


Book Cliffs in Winter

A large corral against the Book Cliffs in Cottonwood Canyon.


Book Cliffs in Winter

An abandoned stone shelter adjacent to the corral in the previous image.


Book Cliffs in Winter

View west on a gravel road that skirts this section of the Book Cliffs near Corral Point.


Book Cliffs in Winter

View east from the access road across the head of an unnamed drainage in the Book Cliffs.


Book Cliffs in Winter

View south southwest at a point were the road passes the head of a drainage. GPS waypoints are N39.05.021, W109.28.309 - altitude 5442'.


Book Cliffs in Winter

Zoomed view from position of the previous image.  The small block on the horizon is an edge on view of the Priest and Nuns & Castle Rock.


Book Cliffs in Winter

Looking back southeast on the approach road from near Big Hole. The route becomes a thin two track at this point.


Book Cliffs in Winter

This may be a protective fence around a grave site.  Did not notice a head stone and am uncertain.  It's located near Corral Point adjacent to the road.  If anybody knows we would appreciate an email.


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