Booneville Bridge.

Katy Trail State Park - Booneville, Missouri.

Booneville Bridge

1.  This railroad bridge over the Missouri River in Boonville, MO is at the heart of a controversy involving the future of "Rails to Trails" efforts throughout the country.  If this bridge is lost to the "Katy Trail" the result may be legal challenges by land owners who want to claim portions of the "Katy Trail" right of way.  The challenge would be based on the fact that the railroad right of way after destruction of the bridge no longer represents a legitimate or "banked" railway.  Without this bridge the western section of the "Katy Trail" has no connection to an active rail line.  At 264 miles long the "Katy Trail" is the longest "Rails to Trails" system in the United States.  The above photo is courtesy of "Historic Bridges of the Midwest".  The "Historic Bridges" site has more photos.

Update 2012:  The Booneville Bridge has been saved for use by the KATY Trail.
See the "Save the Katy Bridge" web site for all the good information.

A connection to the West.  On the north side of the Missouri River near this bridge is an historic marker that notes the location of the beginning of the "Santa Fe Trail" at the Old Franklin site.

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