Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Chinle, Arizona

White House Ruin

View northeast to the White House Ruins in Canyon de Chelly from the overlook.  Image taken around 3:30 PM and the shadow cast into the canyon fills the canyon floor.  The cottonwood trees on the canyon floor still had fall color at this time - Thanksgiving.


Canyon de Chelly

View east from the White House Ruin overlook into Canyon de Chelly.


Canyon de Chelly

View northwest into Canyon de Chelly from the White House Ruin overlook.


Spider Rock

View almost east from the Spider Rock overlook in Canyon de Chelly at 4:00 PM.  Shadows from the canyon walls completely covered most of Spider Rock.  The top of Spider Rock is visible in this image over the rabbit brush right of center.


Antelope House Ruin

View northwest down into the canyon to Antelope House Ruins from the overlook.  Taken around 8 AM.  The canyon was still in shadow.  This image was over exposed in order to capture anything of the ruins below.  Serious shear drop here.


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