Chesler Park - Joint Trail

Needles District - Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Joint Trail

Looking into the Joint Trail at the entry point stairway.   Stone steps have been added to an east-west joint that provides access from the surface into the main north-south running and progressively deeper section of the trail.


Joint Trail

View looking south in the first part of the trail near a point where intersecting joints cross at 90 degrees.  The walls on either side are shear and range from 15 feet to 30 plus feet.


Joint Trail

View west inside an east-west intersecting joint to the main north-south trail.   This joint is approximately one foot wide and passable by scooting sideways.  This joint crosses two more north-south intersecting joints. 


Split Trail

View is north at a point where the trail drops to a deeper elevation.   The very narrow slit at the top is typical of the sky view inside the Joint Trail.   Hiker provides scale.


Joint Trail

Sky view at the intersection of north-south and east-west joints in the Cedar Mesa Sandstone.


Joint Trail

View south inside a portion of the trial that encounters softer rock that has eroded a wide chamber.


Joint Trail

A typical view in the north-south portion of The Joint Trail.   The Joint Trail turns 90 degress to the west in it's final leg accessing an intersecting chamber to exit into an unnamed drainage.  Highly recommended.


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