Scenic Highway 95 - Hite Overlook.

Glen Canyon Recreation Area near Hite, Utah

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Deep Silt in Colorado River

These views of the Colorado River drainage taken in December of 2003 are generally looking downstream from a high overlook on the east side of the river accessible from Highway 95. The four images in this group are contiguous and combined in a panoramic image at the end.



These views of the Colorado River drainage are panning from southeast to southwest and show the low water condition and silt build-up in area the was Hite, Utah.



This view is looking cross canyon to the Hite Marina Complex. The boat ramp is visible. The visible pools of water are isolated and will probably drain or evaporate. The flat gray-greenish areas are deep layers of silt that have pilled up in the river channel since the construction of Glen Canyon Dam.



This view of the Colorado River drainage is looking upstream from the Highway 95 overlook. The boat ramp at the Hite Marina is now short of the river by at least a quarter of a mile. The river is just barely visible in this image clinging to the north face of the canyon walls below.


Hite Overlook Panoramic

5.   Panoramic view generated from the four previous images.

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