Engineer Pass and Mineral Point

near Ouray, Colorado

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Engineer Pass and Mineral Point Panoramic

This is a view looking west over the Mineral Point area from the connecting road between Engineer Pass and CR 2.  CR 2 provides safe return to Animas Forks and Silverton. The Alpine Scenic Loop is not appropriate for automobiles but an SUV with 4WD and good clearance should not have a problem weather permitting.


The 4WD routes from the Mineral Point area that go to Ouray are CR 17 and CR 18.  Both routes link to access Hwy 550 a few miles south of Ouray.



If you goal is Ouray this is a much shorter route.  If you have a jeep (short wheelbase) with high clearance you should be "OK" descending CR 17/18.  If you do not have a jeep do not take this route.  We lost a skid plate at a deep rock step on CR 17 on this trip.

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