Factory Butte Back road

Hanksville & Cainville, Utah

North Cainville Mesa

Looking southeast to North Cainville Mesa from a gap in the east-west running ridgeline that parallels this back road.  North Cainville Mesa is composed of shale and sandstone similar to the geology of Factory Butte .   On this day we had great clouds casting massive shadows over this simply other worldly terrain.


North Cainville Mesa

Close-up of previous view looking southeast.


North Cainville Mesa

Zoomed view to the repeating shale buttresses that form the base of North Cainville Mesa.


North Cainville Mesa

View northeast from the previous location.  An arm of North Cainville Mesa is visible on the right and Factory Butte out on the horizon.


Factory Butte

Zoomed view northeast to Factory Butte.


Factory Butte backroad

View southwest from the back road that traverses north of Factory Butte to Cathedral Road.  The massive north face of North Cainville Mesa on the left at horizon.


Factory Butte backroad

View of sedimentary rock composed of river bed gravel deposits from the back road between Factory Butte and Cathedral Road.


Factory Butte backroad

More sedimentary rock formations with North Cainville Mesa on the horizon from along the back road between Factory Butte and Cathedral Road.


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