St Albans and Heads Store.

St. Albans, Missouri

Heads Store St. Albans, MO

Head's General Store in St. Albans, MO. The store is on the National Register of Historic Places.


St. Albans Post Office

St. Albans Post Office. The Post Office is directly across the street from Head's General Store.


St. Albans Bungalow with White Picket Fence

Two original wood frame bungalows in St. Albans next to the Post Office with wood white picket fences.


Small Lake in St. Albans

The small lake that is part of a city park opposite Head's General Store. The Missouri River was in the location of this small lake when St. Albans was founded. The river was re-routed after a flood to its current location one mile farther west.


Sunset St. Albans, MO

Sunset over the St. Albans city park lake.


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