Monument Rocks

Oakley, Kansas

View looking northwest to an arch thru the west band of Monument Rocks Natural Area approximately 20 miles south of Oakley, KS.  Early morning with with overcast sky.  Very thin layers of chalk and sedimentary rock built up over time during and since the Cretateous.  In better light these formations would be much more colorful.


View south to Monument Rocks from the west band of chalk formations.  These sedimentary rock formations are located on private land and are a part ot the National Natural Landmarks system.  The owner of the land gratiously permits exploration.


Another view south to Monument Rocks with wild yucca plant in bloom.




Close-up of will yucca bloom.


View south from the east band of rock formations.  The access road splits the formations into two sections east and west of the road. This was a destination we had thought about for many years but never managed.  A trip worth the effort and in better light would be very impressive.


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