Temple of the Sun and Glass Mountain

Capitol Reef National Park

Temple of the Sun

Looking south to the Temple of the Sun from the local access road in Capitol Reef National Park.  Temple of the Moon in the lower left corner.  Temple of the sun is 500 feet tall, composed of sandstone and siltstone with a good amount of iron oxide.   The iron oxide content in the rock generates the reddish-brown color.


Temple of the Sun

Close-up of the base of Temple of the Sun.  The formation in the lower left is a part of a several mile long 500 foot high east-west running escarpment composed of similar materials.  The general area is call Cathedral Valley.


Temple of the Sun area

Zoomed view looking southwest from the Temple of the Sun toward the east-west running escarpment to the south.  


Glass Mountain

View south from Glass Mountain to Temple of the Sun.   Glass Mountain is composed of  selenite crystals that are a form of gypsum.   Ground water flow created the crystals and erosion of the surrounding entrada sandstone exposed the formation.


Glass Mountain

Another view of Glass Mountain with wildflowers (Globe Mallow).  Glass Mountain is composed of unusually large selenite crystals.  


Glass Mountain

Close-up view of the selenite crystals that form the structure of Glass Mountain.  Glass Mountain is located just north from The Temple of the Sun in Capitol Reef National Park.


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