Upper Calf Creek.

near Escalante, Utah

Upper Calf Creek

This is a route down to calf creek.  The downclimb requires edging out to the right of this image on the 3" wide visible narrow ledge and dropping onto the probably 18" wide rocks below.  The wider rocks stair step down to the base of the drainage.  This is not going to happen with a camera and tripod.


Upper Calf Creek

This is an image from the same location as the previous image looking north into Calf Creek Gorge taken around 1:30 PM.  This canyon is very narrow and deep and there will be no light for photography other than at or near noon.


Upper Calf Creek

This view is taken 180 degrees from the previous image after bushwacking around a drainage to look back in the general direction of the our previous position.  The alcove is quite large and we could not see it's end.  Almost a cave.


Upper Calf Creek

Zoomed view of alcove. We did not find any easy way down from this position either.


Upper Calf Creek

This is the view on the way back out of this drainage.  Downclimbing into the Upper Calf Creek Falls area turned out to be a pretty good adventure.  Some wild looking rocks in this area.  We could hear the falls but did not see the falls.  After talking to a guide and reviewing other information we discovered that the actual trailhead to the upper falls is about a quarter-mile farther north on Highway 12.  I also think this is possibly good habitat for large cats - so be careful.


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