Walker Air Base

Hays, Kansas

WalkerAir Base

Looking east from the main entrance road to decommissioned Walker Air Base near Hays, Kansas.  The building in view is the first airplane hanger built on the base.  The base opened in 1943 to train pilots.  The hanger has a collapsed roof.


Walker Air Base

View looking northeast from the main access road to a airplane hanger that has an intact roof.  Walker Air Base was used to train WW II B-29 pilots.  The base was decommissioned in  early 1946 & sold to private interests in 1959. 


Walker Air Base

View southeast to the original airplane hanger.  This hanger was the first built and the only one of five hangers with brick veneer corner towers.
The concrete wall with buttresses provided support for the massive wood bow trusses that created the large clear floor space needed to house a B-29.


Walker Air Base

Another view of the original hanger from the south side looking northeast.   The large wood bow trusses simply collapsed into the hanger bay probably due to high wind and lack of maintenance.


Walker Air Base

View west from the concrete tarmac to the northern most hanger with intact roof.   The tarmac is in supprisingly good shape.  It is probably very thick concrete on a stable base.  This hanger was used for grain storage in the past.


Walker Air Base

Only one of the original hanger door sections survives.  The wall behind the door section was built to support the weight of grain.


Walker Air Base

View inside the hanger used as grain storage.   Image is looking at the concrete abutements that supported the main wood bow trusses.  Clear span in the range of 150 feet plus.  There were three other identical hangers like this hanger built after the original.  The original hanger had brick veneer corner towers.


Walker Air Base

8.   View north of the concrete tarmac and north most hanger.  The northern most hanger is the most intact hanger.  Three other similar hangers are now reduced to only the concrete abutements and floor slabs.

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