West Rim Trail

Zion National Park

View around 6 miles into trail after climbing out of Potato Hollow.  This is Sleepy Hollow and one more climb will bring you to Camp #6.  We left on the Zion Adventure Company shuttle from Springdale, UT for Lava Point at 6:40 AM and after an hour & 5 minute drive to the trailhead started the hike at 7:50 AM.


A generaly west view from along the trail into the Right Fork of North Creek drainage. The West Rim Trail from Lava Point to the bus stop on Zion Canyon Road is variously stated as 13.8 miles to 18 miles.  As a day hike it feels more like the 18 mile number. An awesome trail but the last 4 1/2 miles are on solid rock and it has an impact on your feet.


Another generaly west view from the West Rim Trail.  It is a basically other wordly scene. The Trail reaches it' s high point near Camp #4.  This image was taken between Camp #5 & Camp #6.  Camp #6 is the best camp site and around 6 plus miles into the trail from Lava Point trailhead.




View south into Heeps Canyon after the trail drops off of the high mesa and turns east skirting and dropping to Cabin Spring or West Rim Spring.


View southwest from below Cabin Spring at the first switchback cut into the cliff face by the CCC in the 1930s.  The trail drops in a series of three switchbacks cut into the rock descending around 700 feet. This is an awesome section of the trail - very dramatic.


View southeast looking down into Telephone Canyon from the third switchback to a group of scrub oak in full fall color.



View generally south from the West Rim Trail after climbing out of Telephone Canyon. The trail at this point is just slightly above the top of Angel's Landing.  Angel's Landing is visible in this image just below horizon on the far right. The Great White Throne is clearly visible at horizon on the right.


View generally south approaching Scout's Landing after having dropped a few hundered feet from the previous image.  View is into the main Zion Canyon with the Virgin River visible below.  The Great White Throne is visible at the right horizon.  A small sliver of Angel's Landing is visible at the extreme right horizon.


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