Photo Gallery Thirty-six

Nevada-California - Lunar Crater,  Ancient Brisltecone Pine Forest,
 Alabama Hills,  Mono Lake

Lunar Crater

View looking generally south from the rim of Lunar Crater in central Nevada. Lunar Crater is a volcanic crater and not an impact crater. This crater is approximately 435 feet deep & 3,500 feet in diameter.


Lunar Crater

Slightly zoomed view looking generally south from the rim of Lunar Crater.


Lunar Crater area panoramic

Panoramic view looking away from the rim of Lunar Crater slightly northwest. The 8 mile access road from Highway 6 is visible. This is a gravel road with quite a bit of washboard and is passable in most weather by a standard auto with normal clearance. Easy Chair Crater visible on the horizon to the right.


Easy Chair Crater

Zoomed view looking north from the rim of Lunar Crater to Easy Chair Crater. This is a very isolated location and would require some preparation - i.e. full tank of gas and extra water.


Bristlecone Pine Forest

This view is generally south looking over Reed Flat toward the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The road is White Mountain Road and provides access to The Ancient Brislecone Pine Forest in the White Mountains of eastern California near Bishop. This grove of Bristlecone pines is known as the Shulman Grove.


Bristlecone Pine

Bristlecone Pine only grow in areas that range above 10,000 feet.


Bristlecone Pine

The twisted and contorted trunks and limbs of the Bristlecone Pine are very dramatic.


Mount Whitney Portal Road

This is a view looking west from Lone Pine, CA toward Mt. Whitney.  The Mt. Whitney Portal Road is just visible as it switchbacks up into the mountains.  Alabama Hills in mid-ground.


Alabama Hills

View is west to one of the tallest formations in the Alabama Hills.


Alabama Hills

Alabama Hills with Mt. Whitney on the Horizon.  Mt. Whitney is the tallest mountain in the continental United States at 14,495 feet above sea level.


Alabama Hills Panoramic

This image is a combination of the two previous and overlapping images. The left image becomes slightly distorted because it was taken at a more close range than the right image.


Alabama Hills

Alabama Hills are composed of metamorphosed volcanic rock and granite.


Alabama Hills

Over 150 movies have been filmed in the Alabama Hills since 1920.


Alabama Hills

Alabama Hills.


Alabama Hills

Alabama Hills & Mt. Whitney framed between the rocks.


Alabama Hills

Closer view of Alabama Hills & Mt. Whitney framed between the rocks.


Mt Whitney

200mm zoomed view of Mt. Whitney from the Alabama Hills.


Mono Lake

View north from the access road looking across Mono Lake to Paoha island. Mono Lake is in California's eastern Sierra Nevada region. The ghost town of Bodie, CA is located in the mountains on the horizon.


Mono Lake

View of shoreline and tufa towers in the distance. This area is known as South Tufa.


Mono Lake

Shoreline and tufa towers. The view is generally north.


Mono Lake

Zoomed view of the point in the previous image.


Mono Lake

View of the shoreline in the South Tufa area of Mono Lake.


Mono Lake

Shoreline and Tufa Tower islands.


Mono Lake

View west that shows how the Tufa Towers are generally dispersed along the lakes shore.


Mono Lake

Another view of the Mono Lake shoreline in the South Tufa area.


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